Change in Reckless Driving Law Virginia

The general definition of reckless driving is considered as the acts which come into violations with the traffic laws laid by the state. Such violation includes improper driving that is to drive without precautions and safety fine as a consequence results in fine or imprisonment. If a driver is endangering the lives and property of others due to his own carelessness comes under the violation of traffic laws and charges are held against the person.

Specifically for the driving speed limit, strict limits are implemented and the level of tolerance on the matter of over speeding is very low. According to Virginia’s code 46.2-868 is compulsory for you to drive within the speed limit of 80 miles per hour. In case of driving above 20 miles the speed limit is a traffic violation and noted as the reckless driving.

According to the traffic laws of Virginia 46.2-868 the charges imposed on the individual strictly depend on the intensity of recklessness and the traffic laws broken. The penalty structure is made in such a way that the class one penalty includes twelve months sentence in prison along with that you are not allowed to drive for 180 days plus you get a fine of 2500 dollars.

Though there are strict rules over driving recklessness recently Virginia’s Senate has reconsidered its laws under the section 46.2-862. Before the amendments, the law was that for example if the speed limit is 70 miles per hour and the driver is found driving over 10 miles per hour of the speed limit then its considered as an office to the traffic rules and is fined with imprisonment of twelve months.

In the recent days the Virginia’s senate reconsidered its laws and finally after a lot of discussion its decided to increase the reckless driving limit from eighty miles to eighty-five miles per hour plus now if you are caught driving with a speed of 20 miles per hour of the speed limit then you are registered as an offender to traffic rules. Moreover, driving with a speed of 85 miles per hour threshold is a difference of 15 miles per hour.

Various different senators were in favor of this bill and after the Senate reconsidered it and with the help of more logical and reasoning the amendment was finally made. It was not accepted by the senator of Virginia that the limit of driving over 11 miles per hour the speed limit should be considered as law offense. Hence, a little more relaxation was provided in the traffic laws. Whereas, the other laws and regulations in the section 46.2-862 were kept the same as before.