Lawyer help for accused sexual battery in Henrico Virginia

Touching the intimate parts of another person without their consent is known as a Sexual battery. Criminal battery involves the intention of inflicting an injury on another person. It is said to be the crime that involves making sexual contact with someone’s body forcefully without their consent. The rate of this crime is continuously increasing in Virginia and especially in Henrico, and the accused sexual battery in Henrico, Virginia is never dealt leniently.


Major sex crimes in Henrico include Rape, Date rape, Statutory rape, Sexual Battery, Forceful sodomy, sexual penetration that involves an object, Erotic knowledge of a child that is between the age of 13 and 15. This is said to be a very serious charge in the state of Virginia and especially in Henrico. If proved guilty, the accused sexual battery in Henrico, Virginia can face many problems and can even be registered as a “Sex offender” or a “Pervert”. If convicted, the accused of sexual battery in Henrico, Virginia can even face severe criminal penalties that start from one and can go until 20 years of incarceration.


If you didn’t intend to touch someone in a wrong way and are still accused sexual battery in Henrico, Virginia, then you should immediately consult with a Henrico lawyer dealing with sexual battery cases and as soon as possible you should you should start building a defense for your case before it gets too late. It is very important to hire a Henrico sex crime attorney because it is only an attorney that can circulate the evidence and can investigate the depth of the incident and the eyewitnesses.

The experienced lawyer that has been dealing such cases of sex batteries will discuss the whole matter with the commonwealth lawyer, the investigating team, all the eyewitnesses and each and every person that has some information or evidence about the case. Moreover, a sex crime attorney in Henrico can easily review the evidence that the law enforcing agencies are planning for you. With the cases of such type, everything can be easily included from the statements of eyewitnesses to the DNA prove and every other evidence that is found. Therefore, if you are accused sexual battery in Henrico, Virginia, and you want to consult with an experienced sex crime attorney, you can contact them on various social websites and can contact them through the phone.

For the sexual batteries like rape, forcible touching or sexual penetration through an object, there are laws under the sections 18.2-61, 18.2-67.1 and 18.2 -67.2; every section includes a different sexual act that needs to be proven in order to punish the offender. Although, the secondary requirements remain the same in which the offense should be against the consent and will of the victim by forcing, threatening or intimidation.

If you have been accused of Sex battery in Henrico, you need to consult with the sex crime lawyer as soon as possible to prepare a strong defense and challenge the case of the Prosecution.