How to file petty larceny in Henrico Virginia

Whenever a person steals from you directly or deprives you of your property or services permanently, he is committing larceny. Larceny is a wide term which you need to understand before you file a case against an individual. Many people who file a case against the person end up only spending money. The reason is that if a person took something which belongs to you by mistake, it is not larceny. The intention of stealing from you has to be there. It is why, before you go and file a case against anyone, you should first seek help from a lawyer. He is an expert in criminal laws and will tell you all about Henrico Virginia petty larceny laws.

Explain the case to a lawyer

Before you make your mind to punish the person who commits larceny, you should take legal advice. At Law offices of SRIS P.C. we have expert and well-versed criminal defense lawyers. These lawyers will first ask you every detail about the theft. If they find anything which is not going for you, they will explain it. Our lawyers at Law offices of SRIS P.C know that there are a few important elements which need to be there for a person to get punishment for larceny. The intention of depriving you of your money has to be there. If the individual does not have any intention and does it by accident, it is not larceny by law. It has to be a wrongful taking. The consent of the individual is also important. Our lawyers will explain to you if your case is larceny or not. The lawyers will only file a case against an individual whose consent was to steal from you. The last thing is evidence. Make sure that you also have solid evidence against the individual. Our attorneys will help you gather all the evidence and then file the case for you.

Petty larceny in Henrico

If you are in Henrico Virginia, petty larceny is when someone steals from you directly worth $5 or deprives you of your property for $200 or less. The $5 and the $200 are the statutory value set by the Virginia laws. Every state has a different value. Larceny has many types, pickpockets, shoplifting; theft, etc. are all larceny by law. Larceny in Henrico is a punishable act. The punishment of petty larceny depends on the severity of the case. For example, a $5 or fewer pickpockets may not have to pay $3500 Fine. The judge can rule lesser fine. It is not always important that the judge gives the punishment of 12 months in jail. If the larceny is small and it is the first time individual commits it, the judge may spare him with small charges. The laws are different, so you need to understand these laws. For that, you should hire Law offices of SRIS P.C attorneys.  They know all the Henrico Virginia petty larceny laws.