How to lower a reckless driving charge in Warren VA

Traffic violation are categorized as an offense of great unlawfulness, where a person is sentenced large punishments, however these punishments depend upon various factor, which will be discussed later on. Amongst all traffic offenses, reckless driving is considered to be the most serious and dangerous one. Any individual found guilty of driving rashly with a speed reaching the level of 80 mph is charged with a reckless driving offense. In such circumstances the accused falls under the category of Class 1 Misdemeanor, where strict penalties are imposed on the accused. However, before enforcing punishments court reflect upon the following conditions:

  • Previous criminal history of the accused;
  • Code of conduct of the accused;
  • Way of arguing in from of the court and police officers;
  • Investigating whether proper speed limits were defined in the particular area or not(where accused was caught)

Residents of Warren Virginia however usually get confused between an improper driving and reckless driving. In actual both are distinct to one another. Reckless driving is the one in which people and property around are put at risk while in case of improper driving an individual is neglectful regarding the traffic laws described for that particular area. Due to its complex attributes reckless driving is considered to be a serious offense. In case of reckless driving following punishments are imposed upon the accused:

  • An accused is subjected to the imprisonment of a half year or a full year;
  • An accused is charged with a heavy fine of $2500;
  • An accused is charged with the suspension of driving license for a particular time span;
  • An accused is charged with six demerit points on his or her driving record, which stays there for eleven consecutive years.

As per the above laws mentioned it is clearly depicted that penalties imposed in case of reckless driving are quite strict, however they can be lowered to a significant level of probably ‘improper driving charge’. In case of an improper driving charge following penalties are imposed on the accused:

  • An accused subjected to the maximum fine of up to $500;
  • An accused is charged with three demerits on his or her driving record. This stays there for not more than three years;
  • An accused is not charged with imprisonment;
  • An accused is not penalized with the suspension of driving

Therefore, one must contend against a reckless driving charge. This can be done if he or she can claim in the court that although he or she was driving recklessly, even though the speed was safe. This can only be done with the help of a legal attorney. In order to seek advice Law offices of SRIS P.C. present you with its extraordinary services. We tend to provide traffic charge solutions to our client’s since years. We have a group of trial lawyers and two former attorneys who can deal with your case efficiently.