Is Reckless Driving a Misdemeanor or a Felony in Virginia

The driving rules laid down in Virginia are very strict and in case of violating them you have to spend around 12 months in prison plus you have to pay a fine of almost 2500 dollars. Even the court is really aggressive to reckless driving and doesn’t tolerate such cases at any cost which has turned out to be a big surprise for the people who come to visit Virginia. Most people are amazed to see the fact that driving at 11miles per hour above the speed limit is taken as reckless driving.

In total, the laws laid by Virginia’s legislation are divided into 4 main categories called class. Class 3 and 4 crimes are charged with a fine. Class 2 crimes result in a sentence of around 6 months in prison plus a small fine of 1000 dollars. The class one crimes are considered extreme and result in very tough and severe punishment. If an individual is caught in that case the person will have to spend around twelve months in prison and also pay a fine of 2500 dollars. Reckless driving comes in the section of class 1 along with crimes such as driving under the influence of alcohol, sexual threatening, and physical threats.

In case of driving at a speed, a little bit over the speed limit is not considered very serious and in those situations, the possibility of being sent to an inactive prison is very high. But if the driver is driving well above the speeding limit that is almost over 20 miles per hour over the limit then it’s taken very seriously and severe actions are taken against the driver and the chances of being sent to an active prison are very high plus your license is also taken from you for almost six months.

If the charges have already been imposed on you in that you have to give them the highest priority. These charges not only affect your workings and employment but also will get you registered in the criminal records. In some of the regions, the amounts of over speeding have different intensity of charges imposed but all are considered as criminals at the end of the day. In such cases, the best choice is to contact a lawyer to defend you in the case at court trials.

Reckless driving is considered a serious crime because while doing it you are putting other people’s lives at stake. Due to the high intensity of the charges he also has the opportunity to hire the best defense. Then the lawyer discusses with you the matter and the situation and later on depending upon the previous performance of the driver and his records the lawyer may be able to release the client from charges or reduce their intensity.