What is the Penalty of Reckless Driving in Virginia

As there are strict policies for reckless driving, therefore, there are various different charges imposed on the individual breaking the traffic laws which come under the category of class 1 traffic violence which is punishable through a small fine which can extend up to around 2500 dollars max. Plus the individual is also imprisoned for a short time period which is almost twelve months. If you are committing the offense to the traffic laws and are later caught the authorities then in that case the best option is to contact a good lawyer as soon as possible who can defend you and get you out of the mess.

The laws and regulations laid by Virginia’s legislature are divided into various categories criminal offenses which are charged with the sentence to jail and a small amount of fine. Misdemeanors are those criminal acts which are punished with a sentence to prison and a small amount of fine. Class one misdemeanor is the maximum punishment in Virginia if the individual is caught guilty in the court. The maximum fine imposed is of 2500 dollars and imprisonment of 12 months.

As reckless driving comes under the category of criminal charges, therefore, it is considered a more intense and serious crime compared to the traffic violations. Unlike in case of minor traffic violations reckless driving charges and the procedure are a bit different. In case of reckless driving you receive a court date and then you have to appear in the court as well. In case of a minor traffic violations rest of the procedure is all same but the court doesn’t get involved in it plus the maximum fine for that is that you get four to six driving points deducted. After the court date is given for reckless driving the major impacts come and it is recommended that you contact a lawyer without causing any delay otherwise situations will keep getting worse and in the end, all the evidence and testimonies will be against you and you will end up getting a reckless driving ticket. When you get the ticket you not only will have to spend time in prison and pay a fine but also you will get demerit points and your name will be registered in the criminal record. Plus there will be high premiums from the insurance as well.

The court is very aggressive towards the reckless driving issues and has zero tolerance towards them. They sometimes try to figure what the purpose of it was and in the case of no logical explanation, the judge gives them a long lecture about driving laws. Therefore it is important to keep in mind that the reckless driving issues in court are taken much serious as they seem to us and in that case, you should be in contact with a good lawyer who can, later on, defend you if you are caught.