Reckless Driving Felony or Misdemeanor in Virginia

Reckless driving felony or misdemeanor in Virginia depends on the applicable provisions pertaining to it. In the legislation of many countries in Europe, and also in most states of North America, in Australia and Japan, dangerous driving is classified into several categories, which, among other things, determine the degree of guilt of the offender and, accordingly, the punishment.

With respect to a reckless driving felony or misdemeanor in Virginia, such violation can be a consequence of your driving inexperience or absentmindedness. As a result, it qualifies as an administrative violation, which is deliberately provoked by you. Thus, it is regarded as a criminal offense in Virginia. In legal terms, “reckless driving” is being used for drivers, who are found in charge of driving recklessly. This is the case when the intruder, knowing about the possible consequences, continues his actions, and then the police can raise the question of his sanity.

Reckless driving felony or misdemeanor in Virginia is perhaps all theory and therefore, it is necessary to counter the actions of the drivers in practice. In America, each state determines its own measures of influence. Although in general under aggressive driving – this term is much more capacious than “dangerous driving”; however, all imply the same thing. Under the code applicable in Virginia, making three or more maneuvers during the control of the car in a single series of control actions that can create a danger to a person or property is considered as reckless driving. Additionally, typical aggression in the form of over speeding, squeezing out of the cars going ahead, coupled with a minimum distance, hysterical blinking of headlights and the use of a sound signal are also categorized as driving recklessly. Not only this, sharp rebuilding, driving on the sidewalk, crossing the stop line, and the intersection of the road upon a red signal is all categorized under “reckless driving”.

The most liberal to “aggressors” are in Virginia. Reckless driving felony or misdemeanor in Virginia is also reflected in the penalty imposed due to it. For driving recklessly for the first time by you, there can set a fine of $25 to $500 and subject to imprisonment from 5 to 90 days. For the second and subsequent violations, the fine will increase to $5–500 dollars, and in prison, you, as offender have to spend 10 days to 6 months. And this is only in cases when you did not lead to an accident as a result of reckless driving.

Reckless driving felony or misdemeanor in Virginia can be determined from the fact that it with respect misdemeanors of four classes, reckless driving falls under the first class, which results in harsh punishments for individuals under violation and found to be guilty. There are still significant efforts and research required to determine legally what is “reckless driving” and to work out the appropriate punishment. Have you ever witnessed accidents caused by “reckless driving” or has any of your relatives or friends suffered in such accidents? In such case, call at 888-437-7747 for further assistance. Our lawyers are skilled and competent, and they fight on behalf of you until there is a final resolution reached in the case.